A Path Forward For Our Afghan Friends & Family

Afghan Refugees have fled by thousands. Sleeping on hard floors, cement and just waiting to see how their fate will be determined.  At this time, it is hoped that there will be sweeping legislation granting them permanent resident status in the United States. Otherwise, the Afghan evacuees lack pathways, according to the DHS report, and must apply for asylum to stay in the country.

According to Syracuse University, the United States has 1.6 million pending asylum cases, and the average applicant waits nearly five years for a hearing. Congress ordered U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) to prioritize Afghan applicants, interviewing them within 45 days of application and deciding cases within about 150 days.

Thanks to our U.S. Troops, the Afghan people have seen what life is possible for 20 years.  However, our policy makers withdrew from the area in the U.S. and in Afghanistan leaving our troops without leadership and steps to take next to secure the Afghanistan region.  In my humble opinion, each Afghan that has made it to the United States, should be vetted to the best of our ability and given permanent resident status. U.S. citizenship however should be limited since the country is in complete disarray and there is no way to absolutely assure who is who and background checks are essential despite no standing government agencies at this time.

Fortunately, there has been no voiced opposition by Congress in granting Afghans permanent resident status. Our prayers are with the Afghan families. We will wait and see.

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