E-2 Investor Visas – A Rock Star Option!

If you or a family member are interested in opening a business in the United States, now has never been a better time. Whether you do real estate, consulting, own a grocery store, or own a hair salon…if you would like to expand your footprint into the United States, we are happy to meet with you to explore this fantastic opportunity.

First, there is no $1,000,000.00 needed… not even $100,000.00. I have done visas for clients as low as $25,000.00. The key is to have a business plan that is approvable by the United States Government and show that your business plan is well capitalized.  A budget is necessary, and financial projections.  Also, having an experienced and seasoned U.S. immigration lawyer is key.

Next, you may open an LLC in the United States. The structure if simple may involve 2 people. Both may be non-U.S. Citizens, or a non- U.S. citizen may partner in joint venture with a U.S. Citizen. Both parties may have equal control.

It is important to ensure that the monies you intend to invest are “vested” and irrevocable. We assist our clients with escrowing funds, contracts as needed.

Finally, you should check with a U.S. Immigration lawyer to ensure that the Department of State has listed your country of nationality as part of the E-2 investor bi-lateral visa treaty. For instance, Nigeria is not listed, but have other visa options to consider.

Our lawyers find E-2 investor visas to be fun, and we enjoy working with individuals, families, and businesses as they begin to extend their business and legacy around the world.

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Glendia Evans, Esq.