E-2 Visa Innovators & Investors Needed ~Partnering to Solve Pandemic Problems

While lockdowns and quarantines have placed the world on ‘pause’— we have witnessed businesses and investors respond to the pandemic as an opportunity to unite internationally in solving unprecedented problems. Finding solutions fast to grapple with the ‘new normal’ has become essential for society due to the crisis created by the spread of the COVID-19 virus.

The ‘race seems to be on’ by organizations and communities alike to find ways to safely have children return to school; to find social distancing solutions, and ways to prevent the spread of the virus all together. The E-2 investor visa has allowed the average U.S. Citizen and international investors worldwide collaborate their resources to face one of the greatest challenges of the century.

In a famous quote by one of my favorite writers; he says ‘in times of trouble, whatever things are positive, whatever things are of a good report’ think on these things’.  So, despite the dire situation we face, it’s great to report that the E-2 Investor visa, a bi-lateral treaty between the U.S. and other countries, is leading to partnered international solutions between U.S. citizens and foreign nationals to protect our children, and high risk populations as it pertains to this horrible virus. 

Our lawyers at ScottVassell & Lee Law Firm are excited to take part by representing business and investor clients around the world, and in the United States to bring their business plans and investments to life in the United States.

Despite popular belief, there are no minimum money investment required.  Rather, we work with our clients to ensure the U.S. Federal regulations are met by ensuring SUFFICIENT capitalization to meet the necessary monetary outlay for product or service development in the United States. Well, I hope that wherever you are in the world, you find this information positive and enlightening in these difficult COVID times. We invite you to contact our Immigration lawyers by emailing info@vasselllaw.com or call us at (703) 829.5881. We offer an initial free 20 min video and in-office consultation.