Work Visas Available for ‘The Great Resignation’

Professionals & Skilled Workers Welcomed to Qualify

H-2B visas are seasonal work visas. Many of our Au-pair clients and Student Visa OPT clients are switching status to H-2B visas due to the need for business to employ professional and skilled workers based on the lack of qualified workers due to ‘ The Great Resignation’ during the COVID pandemic.

The key qualification here is that this is a ‘one time’ loss of staff due to a one time event. The H-2B visa can be issued for up to three years.  If the beneficiary worker does NOT need to renew the visa, we are often able to apply for Permanent Resident status during this time.  This is very tricky and requires a lawyer.

Under the recently announced H-2B supplemental cap temporary final rule increasing the cap by up to 35,000 additional H-2B non-immigrant visas through the end of fiscal year (FY) 2022, USCIS has received enough petitions to reach the cap for the additional 23,500 visas made available for returning workers only. We continue to accept petitions for H-2B non-immigrant workers for the additional 11,500 visas allotted for nationals of El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras and Haiti, regardless of whether they are returning workers.

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