Avoiding the 60 Day Au Pair Trap!

Here at ScottVassell Law Firm, our lawyers have had the pleasure of working with Au Pairs in the United States for the past two decades. We advocate and protect the status of these bright intelligent youth with great dreams and aspirations from around the world. The Au Pair program is a cultural exchange program runContinue reading “Avoiding the 60 Day Au Pair Trap!”

Inadmissibility Issues to the United States? Consider Parole Instead!

Over the years, our law firm clients have included foreign nationals faced with inadmissibility issues at various U.S. land and airport borders. For instance, a couple whose H-1B visas had been erroneously denied prior, found out for the first time upon arrival to the United States. Consequently, they were denied admission to the United States.¬†Continue reading “Inadmissibility Issues to the United States? Consider Parole Instead!”