The Purpose Driven Visa

The Wider Scope of B-1/B-2 Visitor Visa Explained The B-1 and B-2 visa has mistakenly been limited and labeled as the ‘Tourist visa’. However, it is better referred to as the Visitor visa, which extends way beyond the purpose of touring the United States.  Rather, the purpose for which a Foreign National can visit theContinue reading “The Purpose Driven Visa”

Speed Processing Your Visa and More!!

Can hiring a U.S. immigration lawyer speed up the process for my case? What is TPS and is it the same as asylum? How much money do I need to invest in the U.S. to get an investor visa? Is there anything I, as U.S. Citizen can do? He married me for the Green CardContinue reading “Speed Processing Your Visa and More!!”

Work Visas Available for ‘The Great Resignation’

Professionals & Skilled Workers Welcomed to Qualify H-2B visas are seasonal work visas. Many of our Au-pair clients and Student Visa OPT clients are switching status to H-2B visas due to the need for business to employ professional and skilled workers based on the lack of qualified workers due to ‘ The Great Resignation’ duringContinue reading “Work Visas Available for ‘The Great Resignation’”

L-1A’s – Open Your Office & Create Your Lifestyle in the United States

The first step of opening an L-1A company in the United States is visiting to see how you like the United States. The lifestyle is ideal for entrepreneurs interested in increasing their income. The next step is opening a company in the United States. The United States Company has to be the Petitioner. The BeneficiaryContinue reading “L-1A’s – Open Your Office & Create Your Lifestyle in the United States”

Avoiding the 60 Day Au Pair Trap!

Here at ScottVassell Law Firm, our lawyers have had the pleasure of working with Au Pairs in the United States for the past two decades. We advocate and protect the status of these bright intelligent youth with great dreams and aspirations from around the world. The Au Pair program is a cultural exchange program runContinue reading “Avoiding the 60 Day Au Pair Trap!”

E-2 Visa Innovators & Investors Needed ~Partnering to Solve Pandemic Problems

While lockdowns and quarantines have placed the world on ‘pause’— we have witnessed businesses and investors respond to the pandemic as an opportunity to unite internationally in solving unprecedented problems. Finding solutions fast to grapple with the ‘new normal’ has become essential for society due to the crisis created by the spread of the COVID-19Continue reading “E-2 Visa Innovators & Investors Needed ~Partnering to Solve Pandemic Problems”

Visas & Viruses

How to Navigate Your Visa or “Non-Visa” ESTA Status During a Pandemic “All flights are cancelled; I am here on a 90 day visa waiver; and it expires next week what should I do”? These are questions our lawyers at ScottVassell & LeeCC answer daily. We hope this short article post will reduce anxiety andContinue reading “Visas & Viruses”

E-2 Investor Visa Joy

    With the rising popularity of Shark Tank, Creatives, Entrepreneurs & IPOs being lauded as lucrative career goals for young people; the ability to forge international business relationships has become invaluable. The reality is that young people connect with each other internationally everyday, and they are starting to realize they’re not bound within hisContinue reading “E-2 Investor Visa Joy”