Winning the H1-B Lottery

Recently, we had an individual who came to our office flabbergasted that despite winning the H-1B visa lottery; and getting a chance to legally work as a professional in the United States, she was ultimately denied a work visa.. Her biggest  mistake, was to prepare and file her visa application pro se without any guidanceContinue reading “Winning the H1-B Lottery”

When Temporary Protection Status Is No longer an Option…Think PERM!

With the sunsetting of Work Authorization through Temporary Protected Status (TPS) fast approaching, thousands of employees will no longer be able to  legally work and remain in the United States. Several countries such as El Salvador and Honduras will no longer have TPS; and seeking new work and status options is essential. TPS will beContinue reading “When Temporary Protection Status Is No longer an Option…Think PERM!”

When Seasons Change…The H-2B Work Visa Option

A much overlooked work visa option by professional and non-professional industries alike is the H-2B work visa. It is a great option if your business or organization experiences cycles or seasons. Our staff lawyers enjoy representing and preparing various work visas for clients to meet their foreign national hiring needs. It’s an opportunity to thinkContinue reading “When Seasons Change…The H-2B Work Visa Option”