Visas for Individuals & Families

Permanent Green Card Status & Temporary Non-Immigrant Visas 

As a full-service U.S. immigration law firm, we represent all immigration legal matters on behalf of families and individuals. Over the past two decades Scott & LeeRC’s clients have been non-citizens and U.S. Citizens who hire us to represent family members, employees and/or friends. 

Our legal representation ranges wide and includes change of visa status, extension of visas, permanent resident status applications, visas for non-citizen spouses, children and employees– as well as we provide defensive legal relief for those placed in deportation and removal proceedings.  Our Scott & LeeRC lawyers also represent clients who entered the U.S. without inspection (“EWI”) or have overstayed a visa resulting in undocumented status. 

Complex Immigration Matters

Our legal team is split into complex and non-complex immigration legal matters. Some of the complex immigration matters which impact non-citizens include the following issues:

  • Reestablishing status for non-citizens who have fallen out of status due to visa overstays
  • Representation at the U.S. Borders 
  • Representation at U.S. Airports
  • Waivers of Inadmissibility for non-citizens found inadmissible and ineligible for a U.S. Immigrant Permanent or Temporary Visa benefit.
  • Deportation & Removal Matters in U.S. Immigration Court (Department of Justice – Executive Office of Immigration Review)
  • NACARA & 245i- Obtaining Derivative Permanent Resident Status for immediate family members
  • Appeals
  • AC21 – Porting over a employment visa or employment based petition to a new U.S. employer
  • Criminal Waivers
  • ‘Nun Pro Tunc’ Representation for clients whose visa has expired at no fault of their own.
  • Criminal Charges & Convictions – Determining U.S. Immigration Consequences. (Crimmigration).
  • Divorce & Separation 
  • Abuse
  • Detention & Release from Federal Detention Centers
  • Obtaining Visas and Permanent Green Card Status for Victims of Crime
  • Obtaining visas for Trafficked individuals 
  • Refugees Seeking Asylum & Fleeing Persecution in Home Country
  • Temporary Protection Status
  • Undocumented Children & Minors who have been abandoned by non-citizen parents

Standard U.S. Immigration Matters

The most common immigration matters we represent for individuals and families are:

  • Student visas
  • Asylum Based Adjustment of Status to U.S. Permanent Residents
  • Adjustment of Status Based on Marriage
  • VAWA – Permanent Resident Status based on Abuse
  • Fiancé Visas
  • Marriage Visas
  • Special Immigrant Visas (I-360)
  • Journalist and Broadcaster Visas & Permanent Green Cards
  • Visitor visas
  • Change of Status & Extension of Status (I-539)
  • Visa Categories: F-1, B-1, B-2, K-1, U, VAWA, T, S, R, I, J-1 Visas
  • Waivers: I-751 Waiver of Condition[al] Green Card joint filing requirement with estranged spouse
  • J-1 visa 2-year residency waivers 
  • Religious Visas
  • Diplomats
  • Au Pairs – Cultural Exchange Programs
  • ….and more.

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