Know Your F-1 Student ‘Immigrants Rights’

No…. F-1 students, if you run out of money before finishing your program your only option is not to “depart the United States”. Well-meaning university and college Designated Student Officers (“DSO”) fail to inform international students of their immigration “rights”. This short article post outlines your U.S. Immigration rights in the event your student visaContinue reading “Know Your F-1 Student ‘Immigrants Rights’”

Avoiding the 60 Day Au Pair Trap!

Here at ScottVassell Law Firm, our lawyers have had the pleasure of working with Au Pairs in the United States for the past two decades. We advocate and protect the status of these bright intelligent youth with great dreams and aspirations from around the world. The Au Pair program is a cultural exchange program runContinue reading “Avoiding the 60 Day Au Pair Trap!”

Business and Employment Immigration Corner: Visitor Visas

  In response to our clients concerns regarding whether a B-2 visitor visa is appropriate to travel for business or employment opportunities, we provide a brief explanation below. The B-1/B-2 visa category is often confusing.  Foreign nationals falsely believe they automatically have been granted permission to conduct business and employment activities on a B-1/B-2. However,Continue reading “Business and Employment Immigration Corner: Visitor Visas”