Business and Employment Immigration Corner: Visitor Visas

cropped-immigration-law.jpg  In response to our clients concerns regarding whether a B-2 visitor visa is appropriate to travel for business or employment opportunities, we provide a brief explanation below.

The B-1/B-2 visa category is often confusing.  Foreign nationals falsely believe they automatically have been granted permission to conduct business and employment activities on a B-1/B-2. However, failing to disclose this specific purpose to the U.S. Consulate or U.S. Customs Border & Patrol may disqualify individuals from future immigration benefits.  Despite the category of B-1/B-2 visa being denoted on a visa, the B-1 visa is distinguished from the B-2. A B-1 visa is a business visitor visa which grants U.S. visitors the ability to conduct short term business activities such as setting up a business or seeking employment. In contrast, a B-2visa is limited to vacation and visiting family and friends.

The Department of Homeland Security (“DHS”) and the Department of State (“DOS”) screens and questions intent before granting anyone a visa.  Therefore, it is important to use a B-2 visa for its intended purpose only and not for any business or employment purposes.

When a business owner is ready to work fulltime in the United

States, they may apply for a long term work visa such as the L-1 (Intra Company Transfer visa) or an E (Investor visa) without a challenge or denial by U.S. Immigration.

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