Asylum in the United States – Serious Business & How to Ensure A Smooth Process in Stressful Times

This blog article is designed to help individuals who visit the United States and ultimately seek asylum protection. Our law firm ha seen a trend where Asylee Applicants take poor advice from legal representatives which result in harsh immigration consequences including detention and removal from the United States. Unfortunately, by the time applicants come to our law firm it is too late. Below is a list of questions that anyone who is considering an U.S. asylum application must consider:

  • Are you able to produce a detailed statement regarding your fear of persecution that has an arguable link to protected asylum grounds? (Race, Religion, Social Group, Nationality, Political Viewpoint).
  • As an Asylee Applicant, are you filing within one-year deadline of your arrival in the United States? If not, is there a reasonable argument that a changed or extraordinary circumstance resulted in the one year deadline being missed?
  • The consequences of filing a frivolous asylum application are severe.
  • Ensure that your legal representative does not suggest or encourage you to misrepresent any material facts of your case.
  • Prior to filing an asylum application, has the application correctly been completed as making a claim for asylum that meets current asylum laws, and does your facts meet legal requirements?
  • When applying for asylum, do you have evidentiary proof of facts explained in asylum case?
  • Will your legal representative attend the asylum interview with you, and are they a licensed experienced asylum U.S. Immigration lawyer?

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