Well Deserved! Department of State & Department of Homeland Security Continue to Simplify Family Life for Armed Force Service Members Abroad


Our U.S. Armed Force, who serve abroad in active duty, have unique hardships surrounding their home and family life not faced by the general civil population. The good news is that the Department of Homeland Security (“DHS”)-USCIS has been trending over the past few years towards simplifying and updating the Federal Regulation laws to eliminate unnecessary hardship for U.S. Military service members and their family.

The latest update now allows the Department of State (“DOS”) to adjudicate I-130 Immediate family petitions at the consulates abroad without a DHS presence. A show of hardship will no longer be required. Essentially, this means no more expensive and inconvenient plane flights back to the United States and delays in processing due to DHS and the National Visa Center (“NVC”) when Service Members are deployed abroad.

In order for Military Service Members to be eligible and qualify for “one step” processing abroad, the following criteria needs to be met:

-The family member’s case would need to be ‘clearly approvable’;

-The Immigrant Visa would need to be processed at designated U.S. Consulate;

– Only an Immediate Relative can benefit (i.e. child, spouse etc.)

-The Military Service Member would need to be deployed on a ‘qualified’ assignment.

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