Inventing Anna

This hilarious series is a ‘must watch’ on Netflix. It is a series about a girl named Anna Sorokin who pretended to be a German heiress with a $60,000,000.00 Trust she was set to inherit.

She then defrauds the biggest banks and hotels in New York City. She was even approved for a $400,000,000 loan for her daring business plan.

She is tried in a court of law and convicted with a sentence of 4-10 years. She was released in year number 4 for good behavior. Only to be picked up by the ICE- Enforcement and Removal Office for overstaying her U.S. visa. She is currently detained as I write this article post.

What can she do to avoid being deported. Well she has a couple options, which I explain here the best option WITHOUT her marrying some random person where the marriage would also be deemed fraudulent.

Anna is a performer! She also has great insight into ‘white privilege’. Had she not been white, she would not have gotten away with her scheme. In the National Interest, she could research and ‘perform’ in roles as a white girl to determine how wide-scale these business practices are and how white privilege negatively impacts the United States marketplace.

She would begin by opening a research company in the United States under the E-2 investor visa program. She could crowd raise $50,000.00 which is plenty to open her consulting research company.  Once she vests these funds 100% she has an E-visa

She could keep extending her E-visa as her research company gains grant money, venture capitalist money, and hires additional employees to delve into being undercover in various schemes.  (Note: Criminal Waiver would be required)

Capitalism is undone if white privilege continues to take hold of corporate governance, leaving out minorities who collectively together are all becoming the majority. Unfortunately, white women have embarrassed all women collectively where they have all been jailed, found fraudulent, insider trading or just plain horrible in managing business matters.

Eventually, Anna could produce her own series on Netflix and have a talk show where business owners caught in the white privilege trap explain what happened and how Anna’s consulting company has helped to protect them against future fraud based on skin color, and enhance capitalism and diversity in the marketplace.

Anna is very clever, has an high IQ and should be given the opportunity to squash poor business practices based on foolish decisions based on race and sex.

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