Oh Boy! Problems in Immigration Court & Problems at Home

When it rains, it pours (‘as the saying goes’). This is life unfortunately. If you or someone you know is in U.S. Immigration removal/deportation proceedings and the legal relief is based on a U.S. Citizen Spouse (“USC”), it is vital to keep the relationship with your USC spouse healthy. However, if the relationship becomes unbearable and separation and divorce becomes inevitable, it is important to take steps to guard against immediate removal and deportation from the United States. An I-130/I-485 Adjustment of Status based on USC spouse is based on a bona fide marriage, not whether the couple has marital problems. It is important to understand the difference when sitting down with legal counsel.

Important steps to take when a marriage is in jeopardy is as follows:

  • File for a continuance if a court date is soon upcoming through your U.S. Immigration counsel who will consider new legal relief options.
  • Keep good records of all remedial and rehabilitative action taken towards your spouse.
  • In the case of abuse, file police reports and keep medical records. (Essential for alternative forms of relief.


Despite how overwhelming a break down with your USC spouse is during deportation removal proceedings, use this ‘tragedy’ to improve yourself number one, as you have no control over another person (here your USC spouse). If your spouse declines counseling, a U.S. immigration judge will find it compelling that you take steps to improve yourself through counseling and therapy, a big plus towards one’s character.

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