“We have a need for Speed” in Processing our Nurses to U.S. Permanent Residents

Thank God that our invaluable nurses are processed on a separate U.S. immigration track from other professionals. Nurses are “Schedule A” professionals; and therefore pre-certified by the U.S. Department of Labor (“DOL”). In other words, the DOL assumes there is a shortage and allows professional nurses to by-pass the Labor Certification Stage to ensure “speed” in processing his or her case.

However, we have seen a recent flow of nurses into our office as the Hospitals hire big law firms to represent the nurses, and the big firm lawyers end up mishandling the case frustrating the whole purpose of speed and ease in processing. The nurses call us with huge headaches, and sorely disappointed. The good news is that we take over the case and quickly get the case back on the “fast track”. So whatever nurses do, do not lose hope, and do NOT leave the United States until you consult with an experienced U.S. Immigration Lawyer.

The requirement for nurses is a 2 year degree, plus the NCLEX exam passed.  However, a 4-year degree is required for Nurse Managers, and nurse managers have more options in the whole U.S. Immigration process. We are happy to explain as we strategize your case.

Our lawyers have been practicing for over 25 years and are members of the American Immigration Lawyers’ Association.  We have real lives and have published authors on our staff who share their personal stories to encourage everyone who reads.  Ask us, and we will provide you  free copies.

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