What?!….I am being Deported – How to React Strategically When Served with A Notice to Appear

It goes without saying…deportation and removal from the United States is very serious with devastating consequences.  One must immediately retain skilled U.S. Immigration legal counsel to navigate the Federal Court system if served with a Notice to Appear in U.S. Immigration court.

Anyone who is a non-U.S. Citizen may receive a Notice to Appear(“NTA”). An NTA may be triggered in several ways. For instance, the Department of  Homeland Security (“DHS”) can initiate an audit of a non- U.S. Citizen’s file, adverse changes in the law can occur, or willful and even non willful violations of immigration law may result in removal proceedings. Likewise, criminal immigration consequences can be severe for misdemeanor or felony state crimes.

If you or your family member find yourself in Immigration court proceedings the below info-graphic gives an overview of the steps you should immediately discuss with a U.S. Immigration attorney.

An NTA may or may not have a specific date on the notice. However, it is critical that you see a lawyer immediately to review the options available.  The swiftness of one’s willingness to immediately face NTA charges, result in a greatly advantaged legal defense. Delays automatically limit an attorney’s ability to use the steps illustrated below:

Fight Notice To Appear

An NTA lists the facts and the law which form the basis of the U.S. government’s case. However, there are several steps an Immigration lawyer must consider for a client placed in proceedings; and the face of an NTA should never be assumed to be correct in fact or law.

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